The very wonderful 'Group of a Few' have given us at The Knot an insight into their Nottingham based fashion project.

The conceptual art project and fashion brand, owned by talented art graduates Clem and Joe, focuses on limited runs of high quality heavyweight t-shirts with embroidered back pieces, alongside lifestyle collaborations with local talent.

Read more about their journey below.

Concerned primarily with storytelling, 'Group of a Few' focuses on incorporating a myriad of cultural references into their work. The group aim to explore the constantly evolving parallel between the fashion brand and the religious cult in their work; often using religious imagery and the macabre in their promotion.

A conversation between friends about the possibility of marrying their shared interest in fashion, soon grew into something tangible. A mutual love of storytelling through clothing, alongside embroidery art led to the intriguing brand 'Group of a few', with the distinct aim of expressing absurd narratives, and helping Nottingham creatives (something we at The Knot just had to get on board with!)

The group started as a millenarian movement, which follows the teachings of an extra-terrestrial race known as the ‘Malidians’. However more recently, the team are looking a little closer to home, by reflecting on their relationship with the inner self and the natural world. This strong sense of reflection and escapism is clearly intrinsic to the brand, giving them a really interesting USP.

'Group of a Few's ability to draw in influences from philosophers like Immanuel Kant, to psychedelic horrors like 'Mandy'(2018), once more draws on the 'otherworldlieness' and obscurity that forms the project's foundation. The most recent collection was informed by Alexandro Jodorowsky’s cult classic ‘The Holy Mountain’ (1973). His absurd brand of spirituality, as well as the beautiful set design, was instrumental in the brand's approach to depicting ritual and the search for spiritual enlightenment.

When asked what the key aims for this project could be defined as, 'Group of a Few' told The Knot:

"Through Group of a Few we are hoping to create a collaborative community, with the long-term aim of becoming a brand that emerging and established creatives would like to work with. We have already worked with some very talented individuals—Blue Firth, the founder of Dohm Ceramics, and artist/maker Anna Manfield are our most recent collaborators. We hope to push our own creative remit beyond clothing, and draw in people of many backgrounds and creative disciplines.

Overall we want to create an inclusive space, a channel through which others can express their creativity. Hopefully we’ll gain a bit of a following along the way; it’s always nice to know people enjoy the stories you tell and the things you make.

The most important trait of our brand is mutability: the story is ever developing, and we are always trying to reflect this changing narrative in our creative output. We want the project to mature with each collection; we know where there is room for improvement, and we intend to tackle those challenges head on.

We’ll be happy as long as the story continues to develop and we can look back at each collection knowing we’ve made progress."

We are with 'Group of a Few' all the way, and cannot wait to support them in their upcoming ventures.

Be sure to check them out via their website and Instagram page: