Meet the incredible Isabella. This month she is back and tackling our theme of freedom, whilst exploring how we can return to calm during this frantic time. Her approach to Hatha Yoga is relaxed and focused on loving yourself and changing your relationship with your body. Here she tells us how to embrace peace, freedom and gratitude within our personal yoga practices.


I am a qualified Hatha Yoga instructor, having graduated from my 200h YTT in Varkala, India in 2019. I have since completed additional training in ‘Yoga for Stress and Burnout’, ‘Yoga Therapeutics’ and ‘Yoga Anatomy’.

My yoga practice helps me on a daily basis to feel a new sense of spaciousness and growth within. Both yoga and meditation provide me with the time to let go of the things that no longer serve me well and to make space for the things that do.

Yoga and meditation allow me to find a place of calm and time to heal from the stressors of life. They allow me to find freedom from harmful thought patterns. Allowing me to create space and to build flexibility and strength in my body and mind. These qualities will serve me throughout my life and enable me to continue to live independently and embrace my freedom. For which I am very grateful. Recently times have been challenging for all on so many levels. Your yoga, meditation or mindfulness practice can offer you an opportunity to find your own freedom during these times.

I am so very excited and grateful to now be able to share what I’ve learnt, the magic of yoga and to be able to help others as I was helped. I can integrate my creativity and compassionate nature into creating a range of classes for all bodies.

You can begin to do this by taking the time to pause and notice what’s going on for you in the moment.

Unhook from mind chatter and any harmful thought patterns; allowing your self to be in the present moment.

Create space around discomfort.

Be with yourself, here and now. This is a continuous practice. Embracing the breath and the sensations of your body as an anchor to the present moment. In this moment. In your practice: You can find space. You can find freedom. You can find room to grow.


- Finding Freedom in Your Yoga Practice -

Find freedom within your form. We don’t have to be constricted and restricted with movement. Find movement that serves you well in your body.

Maybe try closing your eyes. Maybe find a sense of joy or playfulness. Explore what feels good. Be in the moment. Keep it mindful. Find your flow and you will find your glow. Focus on how it feels rather that how it looks. Find strength in taking movement that works for you. You might feel empowered or liberated from this small gift to yourself.


- A powerful meditation I recently incorporated in to a class themed around ‘Change’: Spacious and Liberating Meditation -


Sitting or lying comfortably on your back, place one hand or both hands on your heart.


Take time to check in and notice how you’re feeling. Greet what ever comes up with acceptance and non-judgment. Kindly make the choice to unhook and bring your awareness to your breath and body. Making the choice to be present.


Begin to take slow steady breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.

(If you are familiar with diaphragmatic/belly breathing, option to take this)


From your hand connecting to your heart space: Offer your self the gift of space. Offer yourself the luxury of time.

Offer yourself permission to let go of anything that no longer serves you well. Let go of anything stagnant or blocking your flow.


With your hand on you heart begin to breathe in a sense of kindness and compassion. Allow it to radiate through your body.

If you feel any discomfort with this, breathe the kindness and compassion into their direction.


This time breathe in spaciousness through your heart to the whole of your body. Allow this spaciousness to radiate. Allow this spaciousness to melt through any areas of tension or discomfort in the body and mind. Breathing in space your mind and body to find a sense of perspective, reflection and a safe place.


Take a few breaths to really feel the possibility of this. To really remind you that this is a place that is always within you no matter how much the outer world or our inner thoughts seem to dominate.


Allow these spacious, loving breaths to resonate within you.

Come back to this practice any time your feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious. Any time the outer or your inner world seems overpowering. Any time you need to cultivate love, compassion or spaciousness within.


Check out the posts on the Slow & Flow page for more guidance & details on each of these. You can integrate them into your days and come back to them as and when you might need a little bit of grounding. Routinely or sporadically, what ever works for you.

Tips and guidance for a mindful yoga practice can be found on the Slow & Flow social media pages. Check for updates on live online Mindful Hatha Yoga classes. With a big focus on working with our miraculous bodies and not on them

Due to COVID19 all studio classes are cancelled until it is safe to return. Keep checking my website or social media pages for updates when classes will return. Until then I’ll be providing online yoga classes and helpful tips for coming back to a place of calm to help guide you through this time.

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