One day at a time

Meet the incredible Isabella. Her approach to Hatha Yoga is relaxed and focused on loving yourself and changing your relationship with your body. This month, the yoga instructor tackles our theme, 'Time'; she demonstrates how taking a moment during the day to reflect and pause can really enhance our self-awareness and our reactions to difficult situations.


The 21st century is characterised by a lifestyle full of busyness and a lack of time.

In this world in which we live, productivity and achievement are often given meaning, whilst resting and valuable time spent looking after your health and wellbeing, can often be disregarded

We can often rush through our days, weeks, months & even years on autopilot. Not stopping to notice or enjoy the process of this wild and ever changing ride that is life. Ticking off ‘to do’ lists and pushing to an end point that we may never be satisfied with, worrying about the future and lamenting the past. Like looking out the window on a train and seeing life go by as a blur.

Taking the time to introduce more awareness into your days can make a huge difference, to live in the present and become aware of our actual human experience, rather than living life up in our heads.

Through practices such as mindfulness, yoga and meditation we can take time to stop and notice how we truly feel, to bring in awareness moment by moment and reconnect with our bodies, minds and breath…. Getting in touch with the fullness of our beings, and cultivating appreciation for each moment we’re alive.

With more awareness of ourselves, enjoyment, fulfilment and gratitude in life come a little more easily.

When times are tough and uncertain, slowing it right down and reconnecting becomes even more valuable.

Take one day at a time, life may then be a little less overwhelming.


Mindfulness is a constant practice that you can integrate into your day to find more balance.

Ways to practice mindfulness throughout your days:

- Focusing on our breath

- Checking in with your senses and grounding into the moment -- Feeling the weight of your body lying, sitting or standing - Intentionally focusing on the action you take. E.g the process of enjoying your food, feeling the sensations of water on your hands as you wash them, the feel of the breeze and fresh air on your face as you walk

- Stopping and noticing how you feel in body and mind

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